MNEC is known internationally for the quality of our wire ropes, and we offer an extensive range of services in our lifting equipment and accessories division.

Wire Rope Slings

Manufacture And Supply Of Steel Wire Rope Slings

We fabricate all types of general engineering wire rope slings in single leg, double leg or quad leg assemblies. We meet BSEN 13414-1:2003 /A1: 2005(E) standards and our products include an identification tag and test certification.

MNEC services different industries including oil, shipping, port services, construction, transport, etc, and our range of ropes includes general engineering wire ropes, crane ropes, raising lines, guy lines and drill lines (to API9A specifications), elevator ropes etc, and we can supply rope lubricants.

We also offer various mooring lines, winches and chain blocks, and we fabricate lifting spreader beams.

Polyester Webbing Slings

Polyester Webbing (Textile) Slings

We stock and supply various polyester webbing slings that are manufactured to EN 1492-1 standards. Our slings range includes:

  • Flat Polyester Slings – Single Ply, 2 Ply, 3 Ply, 4 Ply
  • Tubular Round Slings – Manufactured to EN 1492-2 standards with 7:1 safety factor, with a capacity of up to 150 tons and a working length of 40 metres and/or a circumference of up to 80 metres.

We also supply various other types of equipment, including belts, full body safety harnesses, self-retractable fall arrestor devices, lanyards, cargo nets, and drum-lifting and pipe-laying slings.

Gr.80 Short Link Chains And Chain Slings

Gr.80 Short Link Chains And Chain Slings

We fabricate and supply grade 80 chain slings and various single-leg, double-leg and quad-leg assemblies.

We also offer a range of products from the internationally recognised Crosby lifting products, which are used worldwide in the rigging and oil industry. These include shackles, hooks, swivels, turnbuckles, rigging accessories, chains, slinging accessories, sheaves and various types of snatch blocks.

Testing Inspection & Certification of Lifting Equipmen

Testing Inspection & Certification of Lifting Equipment

MNEC is Oman’s leading company for inspection, testing, verification and re-certification of all types of lifting equipment.

We have a dedicated team of skilled inspectors and NDT technicians who provide in-house and on-site services, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and guaranteeing the safety and reliability of your equipment.

Test Weights

Test Weights

We have Test weights available for hire for load testing. The weights range from 1.5 tonnes to 5.5 tonnes concrete blocks with single load point and metal edges which adds up to a total of 36 tonnes. Apart from that, we offer lifting skids for the test weights which weighs 900 kg and 1.3 tonnes respectively.

Test weights details are as below:

  • 1.5 tonnes Concrete Block
  • 2.0 tonnes Concrete Block
  • 2.2 tonnes Concrete Block
  • 3.5 tonnes Concrete Block
  • 5.3 tonnes Concrete Block
  • 5.3 tonnes Concrete Block
  • 5.3 tonnes Concrete Block
  • 5.4 tonnes Concrete Block
  • 5.5 tonnes Concrete Block

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New Outlet for the Oman Heritage Gallery

MNEC are currently doing a total refurbishment of a shop at the Muttrah Corniche for the Oman Heritage Gallery. The gallery itself will be beautiful when complete. It will be full of Omani features and products, such as a floor covered with Nizwa stone, a ceiling made of wooden runners covered with hand-woven...



Al Mahaje Interchange

Consolidated Contractors Co. Oman LLC recently awarded MNEC the contract for the diversion of all the existing water main pipelines, related drainage and road works for the Al Mahaje roundabout interchange. The 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm and 600 mm pipelines are to be diverted and connected, including...



VIP Car Park, Muscat International Airport

MNEC recently completed additional work for the VIP road project at Muscat International Airport. This involved the demolition of most of the existing VIP car park area and its related facilities. The recent construction included new boundary walls using decorative precast claustra blocks to match existing walls,...